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Home Teeth Whitening with ConfiDent Palm Dentist

Congrats on taking a step closer to a brighter smile !

A great option for teeth whitening is having custom-made trays fabricated and use of gel applications at the comfort of your own home.

Home teeth whitening with ConfiDent Palm Dentist

The hygienist's department at ConfiDent Clinic would take impressions (molds) or do a digital scan and the laboratory technician would fabricate trays fit for patients’ jaws.

These trays are filled with a whitening gel provided by your dental professional and worn at home. Different products will require wearing the tray at different times of the day and for various lengths of time.

ConfiDent Clinic uses Opalescence gel for home whitening kits.

Home teeth whitening with ConfiDent Palm Dentist

Home teeth whitening with ConfiDent Palm Dentist

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Features:

  1. A customized teeth whitening tray tailored to your smile

  2. Five concentrations of teeth whitening gel for maximum treatment flexibility

  3. Convenient wear times as short as 15 minutes per day, or as long as overnight

  4. Teeth whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride for patient comfort

  5. Three flavors to choose from: Regular, Melon, and Mint

  6. Vegan—no animal products used

  7. Certified gluten free

Customized Home Whitening Trays - Opalescence Teeth Whitening Features:

You need to follow the instructions carefully to get the best result and use the product safely. All whitening products may cause mild tooth sensitivity and can irritate your gum tissue with prolonged contact.

Our team at ConfiDent ® is here to help and will determine your current tooth shade and best option to whiten your teeth.



Schedule an appointment by contacting us at +971 42 4040 21 or tap the WhatsApp button below.

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Secondary source educational information gathered by the author.


About ConfiDent ® Palm Dental Clinic.

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Our premium class practice uses sophisticated and precision-engineered German-made technology that helps us to perform all treatments at the highest level.

ConfiDent® Dental Surgery Clinic is located right in the center of the Palm Jumeirah, inside the Golden Mile Galleria Mall, building 8 on the mezzanine floor.


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