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Meet Marelize!

Dental Hygienist

Languages: English, Africaans

Area Of Expertise

routine dental hygiene 

deep cleanings and periodontal maintenance 

teeth whitening both in house and personalized home kits

implant maintenance 

anxious patients / patients experiencing dental phobia

pediatric cleanings 

dental education of all ages 

Marelize grew up in the beautiful South-Africa, in a small town, she moved to the city after school and obtained her bachelors degree in Dental Hygiene at the University of Pretoria.

By Marelize :

  • “ My passion in dentistry is treating patients who are nervous due to previous experiences and breaking the stigma that dental cleanings are not a pleasant experience. I strive to give my patients a painless comfortable experience, allowing them to look forward to their routine hygiene sessions.

  •  Education in dentistry is definitely the biggest preventative tool we have. Detailed explanation to our patients of their diagnosis and how to improve their condition is still being looked over. I have worked in many charities and community based programs in Africa. I was also running a project where I educated 8000 children and their providers on maintaining good dental hygiene habits from a young age. This project was rewarded the GHP oral health and dentistry international award 2018 for the Excellence award in Preventative dental health.



  • Something that lifts my mood: Coffee, it works every single time! To all my fellow coffee lovers: try to drink your coffee over short period of time, and to rinse with water to decrease the risk of teeth stains.


  • My favorite book: since I am a first time mother 90% of my reading time is filled on child development books.


  • A healthy habit I’d recommend is practicing gratitude everyday.


  • Something that I absolutely avoid doing is overthinking! “Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.”


  • My real life hero is my husband! He’s my backbone and my biggest support!



  • What is your greatest extravagance? I'd say my greatest extravagance is travel. I'd rather see the world and enjoy it than putting all my money in savings.

To request an appointment with Marelize contact us today.

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