How Our In-House Tooth Whitening Works - ConfiDent® Palm Dentist

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Tooth whitening is proven to be safe and effective. Numerous studies have confirmed that tooth whitening is safe for teeth and gums. Hydrogen peroxide has been used for reliable light-activated tooth whitening for decades. The effect is scientifically proven, gentle on enamel and, if cared for properly, very long-lasting.

ConfiDent Palm Dentist uses two types of whitening systems in the clinic:

  • Fläsh

  • Opalescence.

Classification of Products

Whitening products with 0.1% to 6% hydrogen peroxide are classified as cosmetics and in this concentration can only be used on patients over 18 years and sold only by dentists.

Important: Usually a professional tooth cleaning is carried out prior to the whitening session, as the teeth must be free from plaque. In the case of dental caries or chipped teeth, the treatment and restoration must be done before the whitening, to avoid complications and sensitivities.

During the Whitening session: The gums are covered and several layers of the whitening gel are applied to the teeth. Fläsh tooth whitening works using light activation and is gentle to the enamel.

Our team at ConfiDent® is here to help and will determine your current tooth shade and best option to whiten your teeth.


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