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Trick Or Treat!

The end of October brings us the magic of Halloween.

It started in ancient Celtic culture during the Samhain festival, people will light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

Over the years the night of 31st of October became very popular, it gives you an opportunity to pretend to be someone you are not and to do so without everyone asking you, “What happened? Why did you completely change who you are?” On this occasion, the ConfiDent® Palm Dentist team decided to select the oddest teeth trends nowadays.

Tooth sharpening - Human teeth sharpening has been happening for years as part of different countries cultures. Today dental practices have an increased demand for vampire look – canines filed into fangs. So do not be surprised if you see Dracula look-like teeth in a queue waiting for your coffee.

Metal teeth - Celebrities are often seen with metal (silver or gold) teeth thanks to smart veneers or crowns. These kinds of prosthetic accessories are not necessary to be glued to the tooth. Another trend is the combination of metal and sharpened teeth with the final result of Vampire look-like gold teeth!

Crooked teeth - In Japan crooked or “double teeth” are considered to be cute and childlike. The process involves adding veneers to upper canines to give the impression of them being pushed forward. So not everywhere in the world the straight good looking teeth are in fashion.

Black teeth - Weirdly, this trend actually grew out of an antiquated way to prevent tooth decay. The Japanese practice of Ohaguro involved mixing iron filings in vinegar and painting it onto the teeth to protect the enamel – just like modern dental sealants. Today, this custom has been kept up by many cultures across Asia.

Keeping your teeth of natural color and shape still remains the main goal of today’s dentistry as soon as you keep good oral hygiene. But if a teasing idea of adding some trendy “final touch “ on your teeth materialize in your mind, ConfiDent® Dubai Palm Specialists are available for professional advice and treatment.

If you would like to get a full dental analysis - Contact our expert team today.


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