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Orthodontic removable retainers at ConfiDent ®️ Palm Dentist | Instructions & Maintenance

Congrats on finishing your orthodontic journey!

Did you know that many people discover that once their braces are removed or aligners finished, their teeth begin to shift back to their previous position? To maintain the teeth in their new position, an orthodontist would restrict their movement with retainers.

Otherwise, the entire treatment may end up failing due to relapse.

Orthodontic removable retainers at ConfiDent® Palm Dentist

Retainers are appliances you should wear once you remove your braces or finished the Invisalign treatment. They are either permanent or removable.

Let’s discuss the removable retainer:

The orthodontic removable retainer consists of a dentist-prescribed, thin, clear, plastic removable appliance that maintains and prevents the movement of a patient's teeth after orthodontic treatment.

Use and care instructions for your orthodontic removable retainers

Wearing and using your removable retainer

  1. Rinse new retainers thoroughly with cold water prior to insertion.

  2. Make sure you have the proper retainer - the upper for the top teeth and the lower for your bottom teeth.

  3. Retainers should fit comfortably and should not be forced into place.

  4. To avoid damage to a retainer, do not bite the retainers into place.

  5. It is important to wear your retainers for the length of time prescribed by your orthodontist.

Retainer removal

  1. Using your fingers, start on one side at the molars (back teeth), and slowly work your way around to the other side.

  2. To help prevent damage, avoid unnecessary pulling.

  3. Avoid the use of any sharp object to remove your retainers.

  4. When planning to eat, remove your retainer, rinse it with water, shake off excess water, and store your retainer in the protective case provided by us.

Daily Care and Maintenance of your removable retainer

  1. When cleaning your retainer, use the soft bristle toothbrush & water or a small amount of toothpaste.

  2. Remove your retainers for eating and drinking, except when drinking water, to avoid stains or damage.

  3. Remove your retainers for all snacks or chewing gum. Yes, they badly stick to plastic.

  4. Do not soak the retainers in mouthwash. These products can damage the surface of the retainer, causing it to become dull and more visible.

  5. Keep your retainers away from hot water, any heat source, or harsh chemicals.

  6. Keep retainers out of reach of young children and pets. Pets will chew it down J

  7. Retainers may cause allergic reactions in some patients should they not disclose or be aware of their allergy to certain materials. In such cases, discontinue use and contact us immediately.

  8. If you have any questions regarding your hygiene techniques, consult our lovely hygienists for tips & tricks.

ConfiDent Tips - Storing your removable retainers
A retainer case/box is included. When you are not wearing your retainer, we recommend that you always store it in this case in order to protect it from loss or damage.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Q: Will wearing retainers be painful?

A: Some people experience slight tooth soreness. This is normal. This soreness will gradually go away in a couple of days. If it doesn't, contact us.

Q: Will smoking or chewing tobacco stain the retainers?

A: We discourage tobacco use while wearing our retainers because of the possibility of retainer discoloration.

Q: Will wearing the retainer affect my speech?

A: You may have a slight temporarily lisp, for a week or two. However, as your tongue gets used to having the retainers in your mouth, any lisp or minor speech impediment caused by the retainers should disappear.

Q: What if I lose or break my retainer?

A: In the event that your retainer is lost or broken, you should immediately contact us. A new one must be ordered. It is normal for it to break at some point.

Q: What if I forget to wear my retainer?

A: Failure to wear the retainer for the required number of hours per day can affect the ability to maintain desired results or lose the achieved teeth alignment.

Q: What should I do if my new retainer doesn't fit?

A: Retainers should fit comfortably and should not be forced into place. In the event of significant problems with your retainer fit, immediately contact us.


For more information about orthodontic retainers or to request an appointment with us, contact us at +971 42 4040 21 or tap the WhatsApp button below.

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