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Gum Recession And Teeth Sensitivity

Gingival recession (commonly known as gum recession) is by far one of the most common dental problems these days.

A recent survey showed that more than half of the population suffers from gum recession in one or more teeth, regardless of their ethnic or oral hygiene.

We can define “gum recession” as the shrinking of the gum tissue surrounding a particular tooth. In other words, this tissue is pulled back in such a way that the root of the tooth ends up being exposed. The patient can clearly notice how the affected tooth seems to be "longer" than the adjacents and experience high sensitivity. Have you ever felt a sudden flash of pain while having your favourite ice cream or drinking iced tea? If so, you'd probably know what tooth sensitivity is.

Before & after a surgical treatment of gum recession

There are many reasons why gums shrunk, but the most frequent are poor dental hygiene, accumulation of plaque and tartar and even excessive teeth brushing. This condition can be aggravated by dental trauma, genetic traits (thin gum tissue), teeth misalignment and smoking.

How Can I Treat Receded Gums?

Well, luckily, there are some options available for this issue. However, among all, we can affirm that the best and most stable treatment alternative is gum graft.

A gum graft (technically known as a gingival graft) is a surgical procedure in which a Specialist Periodontist harvests a certain amount of healthy gum tissue from a nearby area and stitch it over the root of the affected tooth to cover the recession. The healing is impressive.

The first step to understand your journey and the process of gingival grafting is to visit an expert Periodontist.

Dr. Olivier Carcuac at ConfiDent® Palm Dentist is a Board Certified Periodontist in the UAE and an active Senior Researcher at the Department of Periodontology, Sahlgrenska Academy - University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gum Recession And Teeth Sensitivity - Dr. Olivier Carcuac at ConfiDent® Palm Dentist

The information online is vast, but no online article will better advise you on where to start your journey than with a professional.

If you would like to get a full dental analysis - Contact our expert team today.

Secondary source educational information gathered by the author.


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